Founded as a workshop for the artistic production of wrought iron artefacts in 1821, Marocchi Srl has been operating for almost 200 years in the Casalfiumanese area, between the city of Imola and the Santerno Valley. Marocchi Srl offers a wide range of display furniture with predefined structures and modular and customizable modules. Each exhibitor becomes an integral part of a modular whole, obtained thanks to the choice of high quality raw materials and cutting-edge production processes.

The showroom creation activity also becomes an integral part of Marocchi Srl: the showrooms convey the harmony of display elements, furnishing accessories and finishes. Colors, lights and materials are therefore designed to best exhibit each product, each dimension.

Founded in 2005, ML System Srl deals with the construction of exhibition stands, exhibitors for each product category, interior and exterior furnishings, shops, offices, ateliers, bars, making use exclusively of wood. The deep knowledge of raw materials, the years of experience gained in the sector, the use of the most recent IT systems, allow ML System Srl to carry out every idea in order to meet the needs of any type of customer. Each production process, from design to final verification assembly, is carried out internally, to protect the investment made by the customer.

ML Systems Srl, through a refined management of orders, is a reliable partner for “turnkey” projects all over the world.

In 2018 Baruzzi Design became part of the Marocchi Group. The authoritativeness and know-how of design solutions that for over 35 years have been designing and building spaces in which to take care of the body and hair, make the environment a unique and personal object capable of prevaricating time and trends. The technical skills always at the forefront shape unique and unrepeatable spaces, just like the emotions of those who make it alive every day with passion and professionalism.

The dedication and commitment of our operators, together with the variety of materials used and the different design solutions provide us with the capacity to satisfy.

Some recent works