Master in Enterprise and Ceramics Technology

At the end of May in Sassuolo (Modena) the 2nd level Master “Enterprise and Ceramics Technology” was presented, aimed at graduates in engineering and scientific, economic and juridical disciplines. The course was promoted by Confindustria Ceramica and Federchimica Ceramicolor, together with the Universities of Modena and Reggio and Bologna.

The entrepreneurial associations have financed 12 scholarships for the most deserving students and forms of economic support are provided by individual companies in the stage of internships. Applications for participation in the master’s program, which will accommodate up to a maximum of 30 students, must be submitted by September 13th.

In the last two years, the ceramics sector has recorded a growth in direct employment of 736 employees, with a growth in the demand for professionalism, characterized by graduates and graduates with new skills. Over the last five years, the Italian ceramic industry has invested over 2 billion in technological innovation, destined to realize the ‘Fabbrica Ceramica 4.0’, a reality that now requires new skills and superior skills. Italian ceramics is one of the leading sectors of the made in Italy of living, with a turnover in the order of 5.5 billion euros, of which 85% is for exports, and whose chromatic and aesthetic versatility is rendered possible from the research on inks, enamels and colors that comes from ceramic paint factories. Ceramics and paint factories, thanks to their foreign offices, are sectors able to offer professional opportunities also in an international context.