Our history

since 1821

for almost 200 years

The art of showing off, giving life to your ideas, because customer satisfaction has always been our priority.

The hills gently decline towards the course of the Santerno river. The silence of that idyllic landscape is broken by the beat of the hammer on the anvil. Domenico Marocchi knows no rest, works relentlessly, to always improve and to satisfy those customers who come from all over the province of Bologna, and beyond. In the workshop of Domenico, blacksmith and farrier, real works of art in wrought iron are born. Work is on the increase, requests arrive non-stop, we are in 1821, at that moment the history of the Marocchi Group is born.

Domenico’s experience and mastery are not lost, rather they are handed down from generation to generation. In the following decades, knowledge merges with new technologies, secrets with innovative materials. The staff grows, the requests are more and more important and demanding, but the quality of the production always remains at the highest levels.

The fame of Marocchi products goes beyond regional boundaries, and then national ones and orders begin to arrive from all over the world.

In 2005 the second reality of the Group was born, the ML System, which specializes in exhibitors in wood, stand design and planning.

Today Domenico’s experience still flows in the DNA of our companies and has allowed us to become protagonists of a history of professionalism and passion for work that has lasted for almost two centuries.

Certificate of “gold medal” issued to Marocchi Domenico craftsman’s shop founded in 1821.

Certificate issued by the Chamber of Commerce to Giovanni Marocchi for 121 years of craftsmanship.